1. Bravery in Battle
2. Honor in Death
3. Loyalty to the Tribe (Family)
4. Hospitality to the Visitor
5. Protection of the Weak
6. Fidelity in Keeping Promises
7. Defiance to the Strong
8. Generosity to the Poor
9. Patience in Misfortune
10. Reverence to the Gods
11. Honor to the Fallen
12. Reverence to thy father
13. Perseverance over the Infidel
14. Dissuasion of Unholy Action
15. Respect for thy Enemy
16. Dishonor in Magicka
17. Death before Yielding
18. Shame in Defeat
19. Thanks in Victory
20. Service in War
21. Fidelity in Marriage
22. Death to the Wicked
23. Divide not Amongst Yourselves
24. Honor to the Neighbor
25. Dishonor in Thievery
26. Honor in Honesty
27. Death to the Murderer
28. Honor to thy Brothers
29. Honor thy Mother
30. Defend the Tribe (Family)
31. Reverence to thy King
32. Honor to thy Ancestors
33. Equality amongst brothers
34. Guidance to the Traveler
35. Equality between Wives (want to change this to spouses, it would be neat with a wife having multiple husbands)
36. Glory in Contest (Between Warriors)
37. Dishonor in Retreat, unless from catastrophe
38. Do not fight the Unprotected
39. Dishonor in Trespass (upon one’s honor)
40. Dishonor in Mercy-against-he-who-raises-sword
41. Honor the Power of Truth
42. Defying the nascent tongue (speaking ancient language honors culture)
43. Honor in sacrifice
44. Fierce loyalty to friends
45. Accepting all Challenges\
46. Morality over gain
47. Honor in Innovation
48. Respect thy Elder
49. Honor in the conquest of thy self
50. Death to Abomination (undead)
51. Virtue in knowledge
52. Virtue in mastery
53. Virtue in Integrity
54. Virtue in Discipline
55. Virtue in Warcraft
56. Virtue in Strength
57. Architect Amen (Worthy Construction, as in building and working faithfully to something of value and importance, always)
58. Make-Way