Map of Tamriel

Map of Tamriel

The Cartography section is a collection of all maps we've come to include within the timeline proper. This ranges from global maps of Tamriel, political maps of regions and even city plan's and layouts of individual Kingdoms. Within you can also find archives of battle maps that show the stunning victories of our various factions as well as the solom defeats as well.


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GOLD/RED: The Yokudan Empire

GRAY: Independent States

ORANGE: The Principality of Taneth, TAN: Principality of Roseguard, DARK RED: Principality of Rihad

Blue Outline: The Rihad Confederation

The Imperial City of Sentinel

[Captial of the Yokudan Empire, Sentinel]

The City of Rihad

[The Port City of Rihad]

The Kingdom of Alcaire

[The Kingdom of Alcaire]



The Imperial City

[The Imperial City]

Stros M'kai

[The Port City of Stros M'kai]